Gino's Pizza & Restaurant Gino's Pizza & Restaurant has a friendly, homelike atmosphere. It's just the place to eat good and relax, even if you serve breakfast, you're on your lunch break or looking for a romantic dinner. For a good start, you could have Zucchini Sticks, continue with one of our daily soups, like the delicious Pasta e Fagiole or have one of Gino's Famous Salads. Tricolor Salad with Tomatoes sounds good enough? For a quick bite you can choose between burgers, Gino's Grill, Healthy Wraps or Italian Heroes. Not to mention the Special Gino's Dishes, like Chicken Alla Gino, breaded cutlet with augural, tomato and onion. As for pizza, we're sure the Grandma and Granpa Pizza will put a big smile on your face. Order Online Payment Options